Scooter Control Centre

Responsive. Sporty. Safe. Left and Right thumb levers provide precise control of the throttle and electronic brake.

This simple, modern setup provides responsive, direct control of the electronic motor’s acceleration and braking system via the auto-rebound levers. Tactile rubber grips provide comfort and a pre-installed bell ensures you’ll be able to let people know you’re coming!

Flow Koenji Electric Scooter controls
Koenji Flow electric scooter suspension

Ride In Comfort

Cushioning. Control. Comfort. The Koenji electric scooter benefits from the combination of a front-mounted, spring shock absorber and ‘honeycomb’ tyres.

The perforated honeycomb design acts to absorb bumps and flatten uneven surfaces while the front shock absorber smooths out the ride, maximising comfort and control.

Considered Engineering

Streamlined. Strong. Safe. The Koenji’s body is cast from magnesium alloy providing firmness and rigidity with an elegant, flowing design.

Every design detail has been carefully considered from the streamlined contours to the curved tube resulting in a high performing scooter which looks amazing and feels incredible to ride.

Flow Koenji Electric Scooter build quality
Flow Koenji Electric Scooter back wheel

Puncture-proof Tyres

Zero. Punctures. Forever. Ride without worry with Koenji’s 8” puncture and abrasion-proof honeycomb tyres.

The rear fender provides a stable rear brake – push down on the fender to activate the traditional, old-school scooter friction brake.

Be Seen, Be Safe

Powerful. Bright. LEDs. Ride safely day and night with built-in front and rear LED lights which flash under braking for increased safety.

Double Braking System

Stop. Quickly. Anywhere. Combined braking from the front E-Brake and the rear fender brake provides a balanced and stable combination.

Water Resistant to the 6th degree

Rain. No Pain. The Koenji electric scooter an IPX6 water resistance rating.

Well protected it is equipped to deal with light rain – although, like most people, Koenji always prefers riding in fine weather!

Waterproof electric scooter

Free Fast Delivery

Like a Rocket – because we want you to get on your Flow as soon as possible!

1. Order!

Order your Flow electric scooter then sit back as we run it through a final quality check and prepare it for dispatch!

2. Relax!

Once dispatched, you’ll receive an email with your tracking details so you can keep an eye on the progress of your order.

3. Flow!

You meet your new Koenji electric scooter and enjoy the first of many rides together, smiling all the way!

Kōenji, Tokyo, Japan.

Known by many as ‘the coolest’ part of Tokyo, Kōenji is filled with art, vintage clothes shops, bars and live music.

Kōenji takes its name from the ancient temples in the area of the Suginami ward, west of Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Far from the more ‘conservative’ Japanese culture, Kōenji is filled with artists and creatives with a healthy curiosity and a welcoming and chilled vibe. Pass the saki!

  • Physical Specs
    Packaging Dimension 105cm x 17cm x 50.5cm
    Folded Dimensions 100cm x 44cm x 47cm
    Unfolded Dimensions 100cm x 44cm x 116cm
    Weight 12kg (15kg with additional optional battery installed)
    Water Resistance IPX6
    Material Magnesium Alloy
    Max Load 120kg
    Max Speed 25km/h
    Max Range* 25km (40km with additional optional battery installed)
    Max Power 500W (Capped at 350W)
    Riding Modes Approx. Max Speeds by Mode
    Beginner Mode: =<6 km/h
    Advanced Mode: =<20 km/h
    Professional Mode: =<25 km/h
    Climbing Angle 12 Degrees
    Cruise Control Y
    Driving Wheel Front
    Front Brakes Electric
    Rear Brakes Fender
    Front Lights LED
    Rear Lights LED (flash under braking)
    Recommended Tyre Pressure N/A
    Tyre Size 8″
    Tyre Type Front Honeycomb Puncture-proof Tyre
    Tyre Type Rear Honeycomb Puncture-proof Tyre
    Bell Yes
    Battery 7800mAh Lithium Ion (13000mAh Lithium Ion with optional additional battery installed)
    Battery Power Capacity 280Wh (468Wh with optional additional battery installed)
    Battery Voltage 36V
    Charger Input Voltage 100-240Vac
    Charger Output Voltage 42V
    Charging Time 3-4Hrs
    Intelligent Battery Management System Short circuit protection, Overcurrent protection, Double overcharge protection, Double over-discharge protection, Abnormal temperature protection, Undervoltage automatic sleep.

    Flow Electric Scooters Ltd reserves the right to change these specifications at any time.
    *Based on standard testing regulations with a 75kg / 12st rider at 25 degrees Celsius ambient temperature, riding in the slowest mode at a steady/constant speed on a level, stable surface.

  • The Kōenji comes with a 2-year Limited UK Warranty.

    For full details please visit our warranty page.

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Weight 13.5 kg
Dimensions 105 × 17 × 51 cm