Control Centre

Responsive. Safe. Control. St Kilda’s advanced silicone covered push throttle and non-slip rubber grips ensure you are always in full control.

A simple multifunction button controls both the riding mode selection and the bright LED lights. Smart cruise control frees your thumb so you can grip the bars securely while you’re cruising. A single brake lever controls both the electric and disc brake providing responsive and safe braking. A conveniently positioned pistol-trigger bell ensures you can easily make your presence known.

Flow St-Kilda Electric Scooter controls and display

Rider Display

Speed. Gear. Power. An oversized and bright, crystal-clear LED screen makes it easy to track your speed at a glance.

A battery power warning display alerts you to when you need to recharge and a colour-coded gear badge indicates which of the three riding modes you’re in (eco, standard or sport).

Powered by Panasonic

Fast. Swappable. Energy. Change batteries on the go to increase range and limit waiting for your battery to charge using the latest high capacity Panasonic battery technology.

Double or triple your range by buying additional St Kilda XTS batteries. Enjoy the convenience of keeping a battery on charge at home or at work and swap in a charged battery so you don’t have to wait to get back out there.

Flow St-Kilda XTS Pro Electric Scooter

Considered Design

Precision. Agile. Smart. The stem mounted battery design raises the St Kilda XTS Pro’s centre of gravity giving you an incredibly agile and stable riding feel. As a result, the extra ground clearance this provides reduces any risk of water ingress, dirt or mud kicked up from the ground damaging your scooter’s valuable battery, housings and electrics.

Be Safe, Be Seen

Powerful. Bright. LEDs. Ride safely day and night with built-in front and rear LED lights which flash under braking for increased safety.

Three-way Braking System

Stop. Quickly. Anywhere. Advanced braking system featuring cutting-edge disc-brakes, anti-locking E-ABS and additional rear fender brake.

Motor power that sticks

Acceleration. Speed. Performance. St Kilda’s high-power, high-performance motor provides fast and efficient acceleration while delivering exceptional reliability.

Connecting that power to the road are two Large 10″ air tyres, giving you comfort, shock absorption and superior grip which are also designed to maximise range.

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St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia

Nestled beachside on the eastern shorts of Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay, St Kilda is a bustling blend of culture and glitz.

Attracting backpackers and foodies to families, joggers and sunbathers, St Kilda is a place with so much to explore..and that’s just in the day. At night St Kilda comes alive with a diverse range of up-market restaurants, bars, pubs and its iconic Luna Park!

  • Physical Specs
    Packaging Dimension 116.5cm x 18.5 cm x 49cm
    Folded Dimensions 45cm x 105.5cm x 42cm
    Unfolded Dimensions 116.5cm x 105.5cm x 42cm
    Weight 14.5kg
    Water Resistance IP54
    Tested to withstand water sprays from any angle.
    Material Aviation Aluminium Alloy
    Max Load 120kg
    Max Speed 25km/h
    Max Range* 45km
    Max Power 700W (Capped at 350W)
    Riding Modes Approximate Max Speeds by Mode
    Beginner Mode: =<10 km/h
    Advanced Mode: =<15 km/h
    Professional Mode: =<25 km/h
    Climbing Angle 15 Degrees
    Cruise Control Y
    Driving Wheel Front
    Front Brakes E-ABS
    Rear Brakes Disc + Fender
    Front Lights LED
    Rear Lights LED (flash under braking)
    Recommended Tyre Pressure 35psi
    Tyre Size 10″
    Tyre Type Front Air
    Tyre Type Rear Air
    Bell Yes
    Battery 12,800mAh Lithium Ion
    Battery Power Capacity 460Wh
    Battery Voltage 36V
    Charger Input Voltage 100-240Vac
    Charger Output Voltage 42V
    Charging Time 5-7Hrs
    Intelligent Battery Management System Short circuit protection, Overcurrent protection, Double overcharge protection, Double over-discharge protection, Abnormal temperature protection, Undervoltage automatic sleep.

    Flow Electric Scooters Ltd reserve the right to change these specifications at any time.
    *Based on standard testing regulations with a 75kg / 12st rider at 25 degrees Celsius ambient temperature, riding in the slowest mode at a steady/constant speed on a stable surface.

  • The St Kilda XTS Pro comes with a 2-year Limited UK Warranty.

    For full details please visit our warranty page.

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Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 117 × 19 × 49 cm