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About Us

About Flow

Flow was founded by London based city dwellers, Liz and Jono Schultz.

Armed with a passion for a cleaner and more sustainable future, and an ambitious vision to change how people experience urban environments, Flow Electric Scooters was born. Move Differently. Flow.

Flow scooters

Why Choose Flow

We have developed a range of electric scooters tailored to the growing needs of cities and their citizens!

Built with the highest quality materials, our products undergo rigorous testing and quality control. Meticulously designed to be both safe and stylish, the Flow badge promises exceptional scooters and value for money.

Delivering quality, convenience, value and excellent customer service is at the heart of everything we do! Get in touch or chat with one of our support team and we’ll assist you to find a scooter specifically suited to your needs. Or discover the Flow experience here >>

Our Values


From the pure joy of riding a Flow electric scooter through to the service we deliver to our customers, our aim is to make people smile.


We want everyone to get the most from our products which is why we work tirelessly to offer a curated selection of only the best products. If we wouldn’t want to use it ourselves we won’t sell it.


Our testing and quality control policies (including a final safety inspection before shipping) and our support for the use of helmets are just some of the ways we are working hard to keep you safe.

Family & Friends

Flow was started as a family business and we believe Family and Friends are the cornerstone of any successful enterprise. Cherish these things and everything will be better!


We place an enormous value on our environmental and ethical practices. We need to protect the environment and preserve the earth’s natural resources as the way we act now will impact us and the generations to follow.

Make it Fun

We’re serious about a lot of things but focussing on having fun is so important – ‘cos that’s what we’re all here for isn’t it?!

ECO Credentials

Ever wondered to what extent riding an electric scooter can help our planet?

View our quick comparison table below to see how an electric scooter stacks up against everything from an e-tram to a petrol SUV.

CO2 Per Passenger Per km

Flow Electric Scooter 5.9g/km
E-Tram 14g/km
Electric Bus 15.8g/km
Electric Car 16.8g/km
Bus 38.6g/km
Train 54.3g/km

CO2 Per Passenger Per km

Petrol Scooter 90.8g/km
Ferry 147.6g/km
Hybrid Car 107.2g/km
Diesel Car 126.7g/km
Diesel Car 164.3g/km
SUV Petrol Car 190g/km
Operation (direct & indirect) carbon emissions by transport type per person per KM
Source: https://tnmt.com/infographics/carbon-emissions-by-transport-type/

News & Events

View our blog for the latest tips, tricks, events and how-tos.


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